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On this page we will inform you about news and availability of individual products.
From time to time we will also provide you with interesting information from the world of the Soursop plant.


NEW: Soursop NFC juice - Unfiltered and naturally cloudy top quality!


Today, after a long search for a reliable producer of high-quality Soursop juice, we can finally announce a success! Namely:

Soursop NFC juice of unfiltered, viscous and naturally cloudy quality from South America!

The juice is produced directly from the fully ripe and sweet fruits of the Soursop and requires no additives thanks to a light heat treatment. The filling takes place in high-quality glass bottles, we do not use plastic such as PET or Tetra-Packs.

The juice is not filtered and thus retains its natural cloudy and viscous original consistency. In addition, all valuable ingredients are preserved in the best possible way.

Very tasty, very sweet and very fruity. - Best to enjoy diluted 1:1 with water, because Soursop juice of this quality is only used with a proportion of 10 to max. 40% in conventional Soursop drinks.

100% Soursop pure NFC juice!

The Soursop juice is now available from us and only for a short time at a low introductory price!


But it wasn't quite easy...

Right from the start we were well supplied with products from the leaves of the Soursop plant, thanks to the close cooperation with the Graviola Manufactory.

A stroke of luck as it turns out in the meantime, because the search for other good products from the fruit of the Soursop is just as difficult as if we had to find a new supplier for our premium leaves now. - Difficult to almost impossible....

Surely, we could have offered some Soursop juice long ago. Soursop juice from China or Vietnam, for example. From countries that are not necessarily known for their great quality. From China, the country of the wax eggs, the sprayed shrimps, the tomato concentrate with over 50% - of course not declared - additives. From China where food is sometimes even stretched with cardboard. Or Soursop juice from Vietnam, known for the excessive use of chemicals in agriculture. Vietnam, whose products have a bad reputation even in neighbouring Cambodia?

No, thank you! Certainly not. So, we thought it would be better not to offer juice for the time being.

All the more we are now pleased to be able to present our high-quality Soursop NFC juice to you!

Posted on 29 Apr 2018 by Graviola24
Tags: soursop soursop juice

Soursop capsules unfortunately sold out.

Sorry, our Soursop capsules are sold out.

Unfortunately, our popular Soursop capsules are sold out again today. We expect the next shipment beginning of July at the earliest, so it will unfortunately take about 8-12 weeks still.

We kindly ask for your understanding.

Posted on 24 Apr 2018 by Graviola24
Tags: soursop soursop juice



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