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On this page we will inform you about news and availability of individual products.
From time to time we will also provide you with interesting information from the world of the Soursop plant.


Back in stock: Our popular Soursop capsules

Finally, back again! - After 2 months of not being able to offer any Soursop capsules due to delivery shortages, our warehouse is now finally filled again!

We hope to be able to further minimize those delivery shortages in the future.

But this is unfortunately not so easy, as on the one hand we are probably the only supplier who stocks Soursop capsules in this high quality and on the other hand the necessary raw ingredients cannot simply be replaced by another manufacturer.

The raw ingredients of Graviola Manufactory are the basic prerequisite for the consistent quality and effectiveness of our capsules.

And we will continue to do so in the future and rely exclusively on the premium raw ingredients of Graviola Manufaktur. - Before we have our capsules manufactured with inferior raw ingredients, we prefer not to sell any!

... after all, we have a good reputation to lose! .

Posted on 02 Jul 2018 by Graviola24
Tags: soursop soursop capsules

Soursop capsules available again immediately

Yesterday and today we shipped the still open orders with Soursop capsules from the last 2 weeks.

Now we finally have fresh supplies again! Our Soursop capsules are now available again and contain the raw ingredients from the new season 2017/18.

Posted on 16 Jan 2018 by Graviola24
Tags: soursop soursop capsules

Soursop capsules unfortunately sold out at short notice

We would like to inform you that our popular Soursop capsules are unfortunately sold out at short notice.

The capsules can still be ordered, we expect new produce by mid-January. The shipment will then take place starting January 15.

Unfortunately, the supply situation is still somewhat difficult. The reason for this lies on the one hand in the complex production and on the other hand in the fact that the Soursop plant is very rarely cultivated in contrast to pineapple, bananas or mango.

Posted on 04 Jan 2018 by Graviola24
Tags: soursop soursop capsules



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