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On this page we will inform you about news and availability of individual products.
From time to time we will also provide you with interesting information from the world of the Soursop plant.


New: Our Soursop leaf powder now even better!

It doesn’t get any better? – Yes, it does!

Thanks to finer sieving our Soursop leaf powder is now even better.

Our Premium Soursop leaf powder is already one of the best anyway. Maybe even the best of all..

In any case, we have not yet seen one, which is also produced from raw ingredients of such good quality and at the same time processed so carefully that even the sensitive chlorophyll is preserved as far as possible. - Of course, we always like to be taught better.

Now it is even better. But what is actually changing?

As anyone who has ever chewed a Soursop leaf knows, Soursop leaves consist to a large extent of tough and relatively useless fibre material. Due to the finer sieving, considerably more of this fibre material is removed from the powder. For the same amount of leaf powder, of course, more leaves have to be processed than before, because more fibre material is lost.

In return the powder now contains a much higher proportion of useful parts and thus a higher concentration of vital substances.

Posted on 27 Sep 2018 by Graviola24
Tags: soursop soursop leaf powder

Back in stock: Our popular Soursop capsules

Finally, back again! - After 2 months of not being able to offer any Soursop capsules due to delivery shortages, our warehouse is now finally filled again!

We hope to be able to further minimize those delivery shortages in the future.

But this is unfortunately not so easy, as on the one hand we are probably the only supplier who stocks Soursop capsules in this high quality and on the other hand the necessary raw ingredients cannot simply be replaced by another manufacturer.

The raw ingredients of Graviola Manufactory are the basic prerequisite for the consistent quality and effectiveness of our capsules.

And we will continue to do so in the future and rely exclusively on the premium raw ingredients of Graviola Manufaktur. - Before we have our capsules manufactured with inferior raw ingredients, we prefer not to sell any!

... after all, we have a good reputation to lose! .

Posted on 02 Jul 2018 by Graviola24
Tags: soursop soursop capsules

NEW: Soursop NFC juice - Unfiltered and naturally cloudy top quality!


Today, after a long search for a reliable producer of high-quality Soursop juice, we can finally announce a success! Namely:

Soursop NFC juice of unfiltered, viscous and naturally cloudy quality from South America!

The juice is produced directly from the fully ripe and sweet fruits of the Soursop and requires no additives thanks to a light heat treatment. The filling takes place in high-quality glass bottles, we do not use plastic such as PET or Tetra-Packs.

The juice is not filtered and thus retains its natural cloudy and viscous original consistency. In addition, all valuable ingredients are preserved in the best possible way.

Very tasty, very sweet and very fruity. - Best to enjoy diluted 1:1 with water, because Soursop juice of this quality is only used with a proportion of 10 to max. 40% in conventional Soursop drinks.

100% Soursop pure NFC juice!

The Soursop juice is now available from us and only for a short time at a low introductory price!


But it wasn't quite easy...

Right from the start we were well supplied with products from the leaves of the Soursop plant, thanks to the close cooperation with the Graviola Manufactory.

A stroke of luck as it turns out in the meantime, because the search for other good products from the fruit of the Soursop is just as difficult as if we had to find a new supplier for our premium leaves now. - Difficult to almost impossible....

Surely, we could have offered some Soursop juice long ago. Soursop juice from China or Vietnam, for example. From countries that are not necessarily known for their great quality. From China, the country of the wax eggs, the sprayed shrimps, the tomato concentrate with over 50% - of course not declared - additives. From China where food is sometimes even stretched with cardboard. Or Soursop juice from Vietnam, known for the excessive use of chemicals in agriculture. Vietnam, whose products have a bad reputation even in neighbouring Cambodia?

No, thank you! Certainly not. So, we thought it would be better not to offer juice for the time being.

All the more we are now pleased to be able to present our high-quality Soursop NFC juice to you!

Posted on 29 Apr 2018 by Graviola24
Tags: soursop soursop juice

Soursop capsules unfortunately sold out.

Sorry, our Soursop capsules are sold out.

Unfortunately, our popular Soursop capsules are sold out again today. We expect the next shipment beginning of July at the earliest, so it will unfortunately take about 8-12 weeks still.

We kindly ask for your understanding.

Posted on 24 Apr 2018 by Graviola24
Tags: soursop soursop juice

Premium Soursop leaves from the new crop 2018

The new 2018 crop from Graviola Manufactory has arrived!

And with this our Soursop leaves are available again in premium quality! From now on we deliver the new 2018 crop for orders of our Premium Soursop leaves.

Posted on 25 Mar 2018 by Graviola24
Tags: soursop soursop tea

Premium Soursop tea sold out at short notice

At the moment our Premium Soursop tea is unfortunately sold out.

A new shipment is already on its way and will arrive shortly. Orders with Premium Soursop tea will most likely be shipped in about one week.

Many thanks for your understanding!

Posted on 15 Mar 2018 by Graviola24
Tags: soursop soursop tea

NEW AT GRAVIOLA24: Soursop dried fruits

NEW: Soursop as a dried fruit!

The special taste of Soursop is unforgettable and once you have tasted it you will miss the exotic taste tremendously.

But Soursop grows exclusively in tropical areas and the shelf life of the Soursop fruit is unfortunately very limited. After the harvest the fruit must be consumed within 3-8 days.

This circumstance unfortunately made it impossible to import fresh fruit of acceptable quality to Europe so far.

But the limited shelf life is not only a shortcoming from a culinary point of view, for health applications of the fruit one also had to resort to the expensive and often still diluted juice.


We are therefore pleased to be able to offer you once again an innovative new product: :
The dried Soursop fruit.

We have finally found a practicable solution to this problem, which is probably unique worldwide (at least we don't know of anyone who has offered a similar product before):

A special drying process with the latest technology finally makes it possible to gently dry the fruit without any loss of quality. Thus, all ingredients are preserved and the taste is almost like fresh!

As known from conventional dried fruits, the sweetened and sulphurated product can now even be kept for several months and finally offers the extraordinary taste experience of the Soursop also in Europe.


3:1 Concentrated Fruit Power

In order to obtain 750 grams of the delicious Soursop dried fruit, at least 2,250 grams of fresh fruit must be processed. The seeds and skin of the fruit are removed, because only the pure pulp is used for further processing, which is then directly subjected to our special drying process.

Here about 66% of water are gently removed from the fruit. What remains is the concentrated dried fruit in a ratio of 3:1. Thus 750 g of our dried fruits correspond to 2.25 kg of fresh fruit or 2 litres of Soursop juice!

Posted on 12 Feb 2018 by Graviola24
Tags: soursop soursop fruit

NEW! – Soursop leaf powder in Premium quality

Finally: Our premium quality as leaf powder!

We are pleased to be able to offer you a new product: Our Soursop premium quality is now also available as powder.

It has taken a long time, but now it is finally time: The Soursop leaf powder in premium quality is now available from us.

Previously only available in the form of capsules, we now have sufficient quantities available to be able to offer the popular product in its pure form as well.

Posted on 09 Feb 2018 by Graviola24
Tags: soursop soursop leaf powder

Soursop capsules available again immediately

Yesterday and today we shipped the still open orders with Soursop capsules from the last 2 weeks.

Now we finally have fresh supplies again! Our Soursop capsules are now available again and contain the raw ingredients from the new season 2017/18.

Posted on 16 Jan 2018 by Graviola24
Tags: soursop soursop capsules

Soursop capsules unfortunately sold out at short notice

We would like to inform you that our popular Soursop capsules are unfortunately sold out at short notice.

The capsules can still be ordered, we expect new produce by mid-January. The shipment will then take place starting January 15.

Unfortunately, the supply situation is still somewhat difficult. The reason for this lies on the one hand in the complex production and on the other hand in the fact that the Soursop plant is very rarely cultivated in contrast to pineapple, bananas or mango.

Posted on 04 Jan 2018 by Graviola24
Tags: soursop soursop capsules

Back in stock: Soursop tea

We are pleased to inform you that the Soursop tea is now available again from us.

We are still waiting for the next main delivery, though, but on the occasion of our visit to our supplier we were able to take a small quantity directly with us.

We hope the quantity is sufficient until the next delivery.

Posted on 03 Jan 2018 by Graviola24
Tags: soursop soursop tea soursop leaves

Unfortunately sold out: Soursop tea

Our stock of Premium Soursop Tea is unfortunately already sold out before we have received fresh produce from the new season.

New leaves from the current crop season, which has been in progress since November, are not expected until the end of January.

Unfortunately, our stock was not enough to bridge the production break in the country of origin. Premium Soursop leaves are a seasonal product and are only produced in the dry season. The quality from the rainy season is not sufficient.

This phenomenon is known from other products: For example, chilis from the rainy season are less spicy and moringa seeds contain fewer active ingredients.

Posted on 23 Nov 2017 by Graviola24
Tags: soursop soursop tea soursop leaves



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